more than just a


a powerful marketing tool!

create page with public wishlists
create page with
public wishlists
allow to follow and grow community
allow to follow
and grow community
make it social and attract visitors
make it social
and attract visitors
learn What customers wish
learn What
customers “wish”
send promotional emails
send promotional
increase sales

You have full control over the look and functionality of your wishlist, from buttons and columns to processing and login options. But what is really important is that you can grow a community using our exclusive follow feature and social share options. People can create multiple wishlists for different events like birthdays, Christmas and share it with their friends, so they can not worry about gifts anymore. On the other hand, customers can use it as collections with sets of different trendy clothes, gain followers and become a superstar! When you at this time can learn what your customers “wish”. With the help of integrated analytics, you can see sales comparing to product popularity and other important information, that can help you build your successful sales strategy.


create & manage



allow your customers to
create and manage wishlists!

You can allow your customers to create unlimited number of a wishlist. This will allow them to create a wishlist for various events like Christmas, birthday or split item by trends, categories and so on.

To make a better usability and save customers time, we have made a fancy popup where you can choose or create a new wishlist each time you add an item to a wishlist.

Customers have full control over their wishlist, they can: create, delete, rename and set privacy settings on manage wishlist page.


wishlist privacy

Your customers can set different privacy settings for each wishlist. Private wishlist is only viewable by you. Public wishlist can be seen by all and appear in search results. Shared is seen only by direct link.


manage products
quantity in wishlist

This small feature can become very handy i.e. if you share your birthday wishlist with your friend and you need more than one copy of an item.


move products
between wishlists

Added product to a wrong wishlist? No worries, you can easily move your items between wishlist directly from wishlist page.

control each element

manage wishlist
table columns

You have full control over the wishlist page and table. Each element can be enabled/disable from admin panel. Also, you can easily change buttons text.

  • Add to cart Button
  • Move Button
  • Date Added
  • Price
  • Stock Status
  • Quantity
  • Bulk Actions
  • Checkboxes
  • Additional Add to cart buttons
product & catalog

“add to wishlist”
button settings

Add to Wishlist button comes with lots of settings, which are separated by catalog and product page. This means you can enable/disable and make a different look for this button separately in the catalog and product pages.

You can choose between button and link type, change text, position, add/remove button icon. We have made two predefined icons for you, but you can also upload your custom icon.

You can enable/disable redirect to Wishlist after a product has been added to Wishlist.

And finally, if you wish to customize the look(Colors, Font size, etc) of this button, then you can change button styles in TI Wishlist > Styles section of the admin panel.


shortcodes & widgets

Besides the core plugin shortcodes used to create & manage wishlist, we’ve prepared two additional widgets & shortcodes that allow to search and browse all public wishlists on your site.

search wishlists

Allow your customers to search for other public wishlists on your site.You can place wishlist search anywhere on your website, from content to sidebar, using our shortcode & widget.


recent wishlists

Together with search, Recent Wishlists Widget & Shortcode can bring some “life” to the website and attract an interest of many customers as they will be able to see the list of other people wishlists. By browsing other people wishlists, customers can pay attention to the new products that they could miss before.

show login form & notice

login directly on
wishlist page

Show your customers login notice and allow them to login directly on wishlist page or redirect to the login page.

allow to follow and grow community

grow community


follow wishlists

Don’t want to buy the same gift as others? Or just don’t want to buy a useless gift? Follow your friend’s wishlist and stay informed if someone already bought a gift before you or new items has been added.

become a superstar!

Customers can use wishlists to create collections i.e. of a trending items or Christmas gifts and promote them using social networks. Gain followers and grow your website community.


social share

Allow you customer to share wishlists in popular social networks or by email with their friends or followers.

learn What customers wish


learn what your customers “wish”


wishlist admin information

You are able to browse and manage your customer wishlist from admin panel. Learn what you customers “wish” and how popular their wishlists.


products stats

Our plugin comes with powerful analytics tool, that helps you not only understand what products are most “wished” but also see sales statistics from customers wishlists. You’ll be able to see such important data as CTR and abandonment rate. For example, you’ll be able to see products that people wish but maybe can’t afford, so you can build your sales strategy and send them promotions.

send promotional emails


send promotions and receive estimates



You can fast & easily send promotional emails to your customer directly from admin panel. Choose from our predefined email templates, edit text, adjust colors and then send this email to multiple customers simply by clicking “send promotion” button for selected products.

promotional emails
fully customizable

predefined email templates

Our plugin comes with 3 fancy email template that will help make your promotions eye catching. You can adjust background, fonts and button colors, add/remove social icons, upload your logo and heading image directly from admin panel.


ask for an estimate

Let your customers send emails to the website administrator with ask for a custom estimate about the product from their wishlist.


adjust colors
& styles

You have full control over the look of your wishlist. Choose heading and content fonts, font size & colors, button font size and colors separately for each button style, button border radius, popup styles and so on.


product variations

Our plugin comes with the support of product variations. This means that product will be added to wishlist with specific options that you have chosen on the product page, like size, color, pattern and so on.


translation ready
& WPML Support

You can easily translate any text on your checkout page by editing csv file. To make it multilingual simply create different csv files with translations for each store view.


processing options

You can choose from various condition to automatically remove a product from wishlist. i.e. on a successful purchase. This can be useful to not let people buy the same gift twice.


quick navigation
in wishlist table

Show quick navigation menu on the wishlist page so people can access other wishlists and create a new one directly from the wishlist page.


In our days, people are more likely to browse websites using their mobile devices instead of desktops as well as making purchases. That is why our extension looks and works well on any device, making checkout process for your customer smooth and enjoyable.

full features list

free vs premium


  • Select Wishlist page
  • Remove product from wishlist after adding it to cart
  • Choose “add to wishlist” button position on product page
  • Choose “add to wishlist” button styles and icon
  • Redirect to wishlist page after adding items to the wishlist
  • Customize wishlist table columns:
    • Show “Add to Cart” button
    • Show “add all to cart” button
    • Show “add selected to cart” button
    • Show unit price
    • Show stock status
    • Show the date when the product has been added to the wishlist
    • Show bulk actions
  • Share wishlist on social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, email)
  • Fully customizable colors and style
  • Add your custom CSS styles directly in admin panel
  • Responsive & retina Ready
  • Translation ready & WPML Support
  • Product variations Support


  • All features of the free version
  • List of wishlists in admin panel ( you can check who created wishlist, privacy settings and amount of items in each wishlist)
  • Popular products stats in admin panel (view what product your customers are adding to wishlist more often)
  • Advanced products analytics (learn what products your customers are adding to wishlist more often, how many users added product to wishlist and how many wishlists contain this product, how
  • Many purchases of this product were made from wishlist, view CTR, and abandonment rates )
  • Recent wishlist shortcode & widget
  • Search public wishlist shortcode & widget
  • Follow wishlist – your customers can follow each other’s wishlists
  • Choose what event your customers can follow: adding to wishlist, remove from wishlist, remove on purchase, change amount, out of stock, in stock
  • Choose follow notification sending period
  • Send promotional emails to customers who added product to wishlist
  • Choose from predefined email designs
  • Advanced processing options – remove the product from wishlist on different conditions.
  • Allow guests to create wishlists
  • Show login notice for not logged in customers
  • Allow users to create as many wishlists as they want
  • Multi wishlists – Allow users to manage wishlists, rename and delete them, add or remove items
  • Allow users to set visibility options for each wishlist, by making them either public (visible to anyone), private (visible to owner only) or shared (visible only to people it has been shared with)
  • Allow users to manage their wishlist – create, rename, delete, change privacy settings
  • Allow users to change product quantity in wishlist
  • Wishlist table quick buttons/links
  • Allow users to move products between wishlists directly from wishlist page
  • Show “add to wishlist” button in catalog page
  • Show “Ask an estimate” button – let customers send the content of their wishlist to the admin and get a quotation
  • Add optional notes to quote request

technical details

Current Version 1.5.3
Latest Update September 20, 2017
CompatibilityWooCommerce 2.6.4, WPML, WP Rocket, WP Super Cache plugin, W3 Total Cache plugin, Retro WordPress Theme, WooCommerce – Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons
WordPress Version Required4.5+
WordPress Version Tested Up To4.8
High Resolution Yes
Translation Ready Yes
Languages English
Documentation Well Documented

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