Current Version 1.5.3

– 09 July 2017

  • Added: MAP feature.
  • Fixed: Unable to scroll if page loaded with less than 100% zoom.
  • Fixed: Incorrect caching of Brands slider if display mode set to the Home page only.
  • Fixed: Possible issue with duplicated header options.
  • Fixed: “Can’t remove product from cart” error.
  • Fixed: Magento js error in Quick View.
  • Fixed: Forgot password page background image.

  • Updated One Step Checkout Athelte Edition:
  • Added redirect to cart page from checkout if product became out of stock.
  • Fixed: Height for PayPal Pro Hosted Solution Popup.
  • Fixed: Iframe width for PayPal Pro Hosted Solution Popup.

Version 1.5.2

– 04 January 2017

  • Fixed Double Add to cart
  • Fixed Configurable Swatches bug for Magento version 1.9.3

  • Updated One Step Checkout Athelte Edition to the latest version with following fixes:
  • Fixed Styles for PayPal Pro Hosted Solution warning message in popup
  • Fixed Payment by cards or by PayPal account, iframe size
  • Fixed Gift message error.
  • Fixed Mixed content error.

Version 1.5.1

– 20 September 2016

  • Multi-attributes configurable product bug fixed
  • One Step Checkout encoding bug fixed

Version 1.5.0

– 8 April 2016

  • Updated Revolution Slider to Version 5+
  • Updated Revolutions Slider Slides
  • Added Olegnax One Step Checkout Extension – Athlete Edition
  • Added New Preview in Quickstart
  • Added Slim Header option
  • Added Slim toolbar option (pagination and toolbar on one line)
  • Added option to Hide copyright line in footer
  • Added option for Add to cart button icon on hover
  • Added new page template for fullscreen slideshow
  • Added SmoothScroll
  • Added New sample Slides for Revolution Slideshow
  • Added option for product description content font size
  • Added option for fonts letter-spacing
  • Fixed SUPEE 7405: Cannot remove the item from Cart

Version 1.4.7

– 31 January 2016

  • Added support for AheadWorks Blog v1.3.16
  • Magento Support
  • Replaced Revolution Slider with Magento Extension
  • Fixed Quick View pop-up CSS
  • Fixed Image reload logic ( Quick view. Configurable swatches)
  • Fixed issue wih product Custom Options
  • Fixed typo on register page
  • Fixed month translation issue in Blog


– 20 October 2015

  • Fixed: Carousel arrows for shortcode blocks
  • Fixed: Block cache keys
  • Updated: Patches for old Magento versions

Version 1.4.6

– 19 October 2015

  • Added: Magento – Compatibility
  • Added: SSL check for Megamenu cache
  • Fixed: Olegnax Color Swatch Out of Stock issue
  • Fixed: Magento – Fatal error: Call to undefined method
  • Fixed: Bulk Related/Up-Sells Products images
  • Fixed: Quick view feature loads inside iframe
  • Updated: Quickstart package to latest Magento CE version

Version 1.4.5

– 15 May 2015

  • Added: Filtering by category for Mostviewed, Bestsellers & Featured blocks
  • Updated: Sticky header function
  • Fixed: Ajax Cart issue with file upload custom options
  • Fixed: Quick View button for some type of products URL
  • Fixed: Translation for color swatches
  • Updated: Quickstart package to latest Magento CE version

Version 1.4.4

– 21 April 2015

  • Added: Support of Magento Configurable Swatches
  • Added: Option to show Olegnax ColorSwatches in Product Listing and Layered Navigation
  • Fixed: Cart page styles for Downloadable product
  • Minor CSS fixes


– 12 February 2015

  • Fixed: Checkout prefix inputs styling
  • Fixed: Horizontal scroll on mobile devices
  • Fixed: Hover on product in small grid columns
  • Fixed: Banner sliders on tablets and mobile devices
  • Fixed: Double scroll on product page
  • Fixed: grid issue in 3 column layout
  • Minor CSS fixes

Version 1.4.3

– 10 Decebmer 2014

  • New: New and Sale products carousel shortcodes
  • New: You can now add multiple banner sliders to a page content
  • Updated: Reworked blog to provide support of latest version 1.3.5
  • Updated: Slider Revolution updated to latest version
  • Fixed: AjaxCart products thumbnail issue
  • Fixed: Issue with ajax cart redirection to login page
  • Added: uninstall.php
  • CSS fixes including following:
  • order review page styling
  • paypal elements on cart page
  • paypal checkout review page
  • lots more minor css fixes

Version 1.4.2

– 7 October 2014

  • Fixed: Mobile menu dropdown links for parent categories
  • Fixed: Mega Menu click on Laptop with Touch Screen
  • Fixed: Fixed hiding main menu on devices and touch displays, when scrolling down and up again

Version 1.4.1

– 23 June 2014

  • 5 New Awesome Theme Previews included in Quick Start (Sample Data)
  • Added: mostviewed products block
  • Added: bestsellers product block
  • Added: option to change header cart bg
  • Added: option for search button bg
  • Added: font-awesome
  • Added: default text to newsletter input
  • Added: options to control columns num in related and upsell products
  • Updated: code for footer blocks in blocks.xml
  • Updated: footer customer service static block
  • Updated: oauth classes to avoid conflict with oauth php extension
  • Updated: banner slider
  • Updated: listing toolbar icons
  • Updated: revolution slider Updated to latest version
  • Updated: revolution slider caption
  • Updated: sticky header animation
  • Updated: default revolution slides
  • Fixed: carousel bug in megamenu
  • Fixed: products grid
  • Fixed: css fixes
  • Fixed: cart popup – not showing correct image for configurable product
  • Fixed: cart popup in sticky header
  • Fixed: footer social icons bug
  • Fixed: megamenu in sticky header
  • Fixed: navigation background in responsive mode
  • Fixed: content banner letter spacing
  • Fixed: cloudzoom border color option

Version 1.4

– 2 June 2014

  • Added: option to enable/disable totop button
  • Added: option to enable/disable prev/next links
  • Added: option to change layout width
  • Added: fluid layout
  • Added: option to control listing image width
  • Added: option for logo padding
  • Added: option for sticky header
  • Added: support for 1.9
  • Updated: jquery lib updated to 1.11
  • Updated: Rss page
  • Updated: carousel script updated to owl carousel
  • Updated: default static blocks
  • Updated: quick start package upgraded to
  • Updated: documentation
  • Fixed: megamenu css
  • Fixed: blog in IE11
  • Fixed: blog read more button
  • Fixed: quick view css
  • Fixed: header search behavior
  • Fixed: static block in header
  • Fixed: paypal button on product page
  • Fixed: hide brands slider on login page
  • Fixed: slideshow – hide arrows when there is only one slide
  • Fixed: review block – add support for disable module output option
  • Fixed: prevent addthis from changing address bar
  • Fixed: merged js error
  • Fixed: sorter dropdown css
  • Fixed: product action links postion
  • Fixed: policy popup background bug
  • Fixed: clean up css code
  • Fixed: twitter include bug
  • Fixed: cart popup – condtions for checkout button

Version 1.3

– 2 April 2014

  • Added: support of aheadworks blog extension
  • Added: option to control main menu position – to the right of logo / under logo
  • Added: static block for header – displayed when main menu is under logo
  • Added: support of ColorSwatch in quick view popup
  • Fixed: ipad grid hover
  • Fixed: search field size
  • Fixed: twitter lib include error
  • Fixed: quick view button bug
  • Fixed: quick view popup carousel bug
  • Fixed: minor css fixes
  • Fixed: add titles to action buttons on grid
  • Fixed: ajax cart typo

Version 1.2

– 25 March 2014

  • Added: Quick Start Package

Version 1.3

– 23 November 2012

  • Added translation for search form placeholder text
  • Fixed slideshow issue
  • Fixed Theme Options file uploader
  • Minor CSS Fixes

Version 1.1

– 19 March 2014

  • Added: ajax cart, compare, wishlist
  • Added: Quickview
  • Fixed: minor css bugs
  • Fixed: retina bugs

Version 1.0

– 19 March 2014

  • Initial Release